Writing Sample, 34 Pages, Preface, Chapters 1, 3, & 12

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Rolando Gomez Author

Title: Photographic Therapy — The Power of Photography to Help Build or Rebuild Self-Esteem
Genre: How-to, Photography

  • PDF: Approx. 120 pages
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Status: Third edition being updated for new release, previous editions no longer available.
Project Overview: Photographic Therapy — The Power of Photography to Help Build or Rebuild Self-Esteem had two previous editions, both e-book versions in PDF and iBooks. This photography how-to book was previously free content and over 50,000 downloads were delivered with the last download in April 2016 before the book was removed from the public for the upcoming revision plus all new photos. Stay-tuned. The viewable PDF on this page is 33 pages, 31 images plus cover and 8,233 words compromised of a Preface, and three chapters as a preview sample only.

The complete version will be approximately 12 chapters, 120 pages, 95 photos and 25,000 words. The manuscript is draft complete and is in editing, layout and design phases.

“Light is to an image what blood is to the body.” — Rolando Gómez